Hi, my name is Milos and I’m a so-called ‘executive producer’ behind Milosmilos team. This means I buy technical equipment, I set up meetings with couples, I charge batteries for the cameras and I load gas into a car when driving to a wedding. Yes, there are two of us – me and my girlfriend Irena. She studied film and she is the artistic director in the team. We both are the photographers, we both shoot videos and edit them, but really – who wants to argue with a woman, when they know how the wedding dress, movie or photos should look like in the first place? They all work the way they would like to have it themselfes, so… I load gas and take care of batteries.

Jokes aside, I am not a sexist, we both take care of the material we provide as if it was our own wedding.

We established this bussiness in 2009, though we both fell in love with photography and film long before that. We usually do weddings toghether, in pair, because it is easier and the shots are better to edit. In 2014 our baby girl was born, which means Irena is now supervising things from home. But no worries, we have an assistant always on standby.

We decided to shoot weddings, because they are a-ma-zing! It is an event, where everybody is happy, it is always a positive event and there is food involved. For you it will be the best day of your life, a day you will never forget, but for us is a day full of adrenaline. We are prepared for the first kiss, for the tears of your parents and for the nose-blowing aunt from Australia in the forth row of seats. We have your back.

We get to meet you in person and then live with you for a month when editing. You take care of details at your wedding and we take care for details in the movie. You trust us the most important day of your life and we don’t let you down. We try to capture the magic of your wedding.